What Is The Social Media Marketing Funnel?

The digital marketing world can be quite difficult to navigate around. With hundreds and thousands of resources out there, many small businesses and marketing teams can easily be overwhelmed when it comes to lead generation and social media marketing. Social Intellect wants to simplify it for you and that’s why we’ve written this blog post to showcase the social media marketing funnel, how it works and how it can be applied to your business.

The funnel concept is quite simple to understand. The top of the funnel is where every social media channel begins, middle includes the next steps and the bottom is the outcome!

Let’s explore each stage so you can understand its importance.

Social Intellect's Social Media Marketing Funnel


The first step to any campaign, whether it is on social media or not, is always awareness. Awareness in a social media marketing context means to establish an online presence of your brand, put it in front of customers and ensure the USP stands out to them. By having awareness at the top of the lead generation funnel it allows your brand to be accessible to your demographic and therefore allows them to go through the rest of the customer journey. 

Awareness-led posts could:

  • Share information about the products / service your company offers
  • Promote the unique selling posts about your brand
  • Introduce audiences to your company
  • Include information about how you work


Engagement is a key step in the social media marketing funnel. It is one of the most important stages as it is a key trust factor for audiences. When a brand begins to receive engagement on their content, it shows that there is an interested audience out there, the content is reaching the right audiences and it is attracting them too. 

When it comes to social media content that is engagement-focused, we recommend doing this both organically as well as leveraging paid channels. Paid ads on social media allow you to reach niche audiences, which you can use strategically and to your advantage. Our paid social media consultants are on hand to support with the strategy, set up and optimisation of paid ads, if you wish to take this route to skyrocket your engagement campaign. 

There are plenty of tactics that can help attract engagement such as:

  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Q&A sessions
  • Sharing industry news
  • Create polls and surveys 


The consideration process includes decision-making content that will help a customer take action. These posts are significant when it comes to your social media strategy as it determines whether your social media channels are generating ROI, which is the ultimate goal for social media marketing. 

This phase also means that as audiences now recognise and are engaging with your brand, they will begin to trust you and need something to push them towards making a decision on whether to purchase or convert. 

Types of content for the consideration phase:

  • Testimonials and case studies
  • User generated content (UGC)
  • Social media advertising


And the final stage: conversions or actions! As your customer has gone through all the above phases of the social media lead generation funnel, they have reached the final stage in the process. Their customer experience and journey through the social media channels have influenced and encouraged them to make the decision to take action, which is fantastic.

Once the customer has purchased or taken action, it’s not the end of the funnel! The marketing funnel should actually begin again as you would like the customer to return and make another purchase, as they become loyal to your brand or company.

Sales-led posts can be made easier through the use of the Facebook Pixel, which can collate website data encouraging customers who are interested to make the purchase. This can only be utilised through Facebook and Instagram ads, which our team are experienced in and can therefore support with. 

What next?

When it comes to drafting content, we keep in mind these stages and draft content specifically targeted to a particular step in the process. You must also keep in mind that different audiences may be at different stages depending on when they begin the customer journey. When we pull together social media schedules, we create strategies to appeal to all audiences to maximise the results. 

Get in touch today to see how we can support your social media marketing.

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