How To Set Social Media Goals

One of the first steps we take when it comes to social media strategy is goal setting. Likewise, when you start a business, you lay out a set of goals which you will tailor your business around. Social media is no different! By establishing your social media goals, you will be setting up the framework for the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

We wanted to share our secrets on how to set social media goals for your business. 

What Are Your Business Goals?

Step one is to share and write down all of your business goals. If you have yet to create these, it’s vital you do this as soon as possible. Your business goals will shape your social media aims as well as the outcome for the rest of your marketing plan. 


When you’re thinking about your business goals, make sure you have realistic and timely aims. Setting SMART goals will allow you to manage your objectives in a strategic way.

SMART means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

For each goal you set, make sure it is definitive, can be measured through metrics, realistically achievable and has a deadline.

For example, one goal of a company would be to grow their client base by the end of 2020. This would then be supported by your social media strategy and will help drive results for this goal.

Be Committed

Once you’ve outlined your business objectives, it’s important to stick to them and commit. The start of a new business is hard but the effort that goes in plays a big part. Whether you need to grind more, put in more hours or if you need to invest into a new product, it’s important to be open minded so you can give the business a good shot.

Building Your Social Media Goals

So now you have your business goals set up and your all-in, it’s time to think about your social media goals. Social media can help many aspects of a business. These could be to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Drive website traffic
  • Encourage conversions and lead generation
  • Build on engagement
  • Expand your audience

So with these in mind, it’s time to start thinking about your personal goals.

Let’s think about the company looking to expand their client base by the end of 2020. Their social media goals would be expanding awareness and audience. Once you’ve matched up your company goals with your social media goals, you can begin to move onto the next step of how you will achieve these goals.

How To Achieve Your Social Media Objectives

When you have identified your social media goals, it’s important to know how you can measure them and attribute them to metrics. We’ve identified how to match your goals to the results below:

  • Increase awareness – Likes, follows & shares
  • Drive website traffic – Website sessions & link clicks
  • Encourage conversions and lead generation – Purchases, form submissions & goal completions
  • Build on engagement – Likes, comments, DMs & messages
  • Expand your audience – Followers & new users

The above recommendations are a few simple statistics you can use to measure your social media goals and see how your business goals are performing. 

How Social Intellect Can Help You

Here at Social Intellect, we keep your goals at the core of our social media approach. No matter your business objectives, we can help support that through a bespoke social media strategy and implementation. Get in touch today, email our Social Media Consultant on or fill out our submission form

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