Free Updates To Improve Your Business Social Media Channels Today

Free Updates To Improve Your Business Social Media Channels Today

Here at Social Intellect we understand that some small business owners or SME company marketing teams face challenges when it comes to social media strategy, social media campaigns and digital marketing. Not only do we work with companies and teams to improve their social media marketing strategy, we are passionate about educating businesses on techniques they can practice to boost their social media presence. That’s why we are sharing some of our top free social media tips which will help attract customers to your company social media pages.

Whether you are struggling with your business presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest, these tips should provide you with a few actions that will step up your social media game.

Marketer making updates to social media accounts

Have a clear and consistent bio

Updating your bio across your business social media channels will help attract new customers, keep existing ones in the loop and allow you to include important information you may want to get across to your followers.

Your company social media bio is often one of the first aspects a customer may come across and first impressions count! Make sure you include what your company does, what you stand for and a clear call-to-action.

This free social media tactic will greatly benefit your company marketing as well as your social media strategy.

If you want advice or support on social media or blog content writing or coaching for your company marketing team, we offer a bespoke content writing service that can be tailored to your industry and company, no matter how big or small.


Reply to inbound messages

One of the biggest crimes a company can commit on social media is to avoid or ignore customers. Regardless of the positive or negative sentiment, it is important to show that you are active, available and are willing to help via social media.

Your company social media pages often become a secondary customer service platform (depending on the nature of your business) and therefore you must have a well thought out social media strategy in place for handling these types of queries. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your business social media strategy.

This is a free social media technique that is guaranteed to make an impression on your customers and followers and make your company social media channels memorable. Our tip would be to spend 30 mins or so of each day responding to followers, customers and potential clients across all of your company social media pages.

Business owner checking engagement statistics on Instagram

Upgrade to a business social media account

Depending on the social networking platform you are marketing on, you may be able to upgrade your profile (for free) to a business account. Instagram and Pinterest are the most common and popular platforms available at the moment that offer this at the moment.

If you want to add value to your company marketing, we highly recommend getting a free social media business account as it will add value to your company marketing and social media strategy, and best of all it’s completely free!

An Instagram business account will allow your profile to appear more sleek as it contains an array of contact options, ability to add your business sector, which builds trust, and offers free statistics, which can massively help understand your audience and customers behaviours better. This will allow you to build on your business social media strategy and take it one step further using the insights.

Free social media business accounts offer much more that you think so update your profile and take a look today.


Update your profile picture

Your company social media platforms are a representation of your business. So make sure your profile picture also represents the company well! Whether it is an image of your logo or a picture of your team, make sure it is recognisable, branded in some way and stands out against others. This is a simple and free social media upgrade you can make to your profile in a matter of seconds.

It may be worth updating your branding or developing a consistent brand if you are struggling with this, a service our partner Element Software can support with.

Whilst you are updating your profile picture on your business social media channels, you may as well upload a new cover image, banner image or other image-related areas that could do with a refresh.

Marketing team discussing social media strategies

If you found this helpful, make sure to check out our other blog posts. Feel free to contact us to discuss your social media marketing challenges or request a proposal to see how we can boost your social media marketing. 

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